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Craft Creations & Small Batch Spirits

Breweries, Cideries, and Distilleries in Paso Robles

Paso Robles' vineyard-covered region is home to locally-sourced craft beverages of all kinds to fill your glass, whether you're in the mood for a whiskey neat or an ice cold beer. While the Central Coast is known for our innovative winemakers, many of the very same mavericks behind your favorite Red have also been experimenting with cider, spirits, and beer, giving visitors new ways to savor the flavors of Paso Robles. 


Not into wine? No problem! Take time for a cold one at one of the many local breweries that make us wonder if "beer country" will be Paso Robles' next claim to fame. 


Where the bubbles of beer meet the defining flavors of wine, Cider offers the best of both worlds for beer-lovers and wine enthusiasts alike. 


In Paso’s wine-soaked region, the owners of vineyards are joining the Craft Distillery movement in a distinctive way: by “recycling” the grapes they didn’t need in the wine process in order to create unique spirits.