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Krobar Craft Distillery Cover at The Piccolo
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Meet the Makers: KROBĀR Craft Distillery

Contributing Craft Spirits to Paso’s First Rooftop Bar

Like many things in Paso Robles, it all goes back to the wine business for Stephen Kroner and Joe Barton—the duo behind KROBĀR Craft Distillery. Inheriting their parents' wineries, these two close friends soon got bored with the same old varietals and decided to turn up the heat! Just as The Piccolo seeks to be a catalyst for the next generation of experiences that people will enjoy here, KROBĀR gives visitors new ways to savor the flavors of Paso Robles, while finding ways to honor their wine country roots. 

Crafted with Care

With a combined 40 years in the alcoholic beverages industry, Stephen and Joe wanted to create traditional and not-so-traditional spirits for all to enjoy. When asked the obvious question, “why craft spirits?” Stephen laughed and said, “Distilled spirits are more fun. I can make completely unique, fun, and exciting spirits that no one anywhere else in the world has ever tried. I love that ability to be creative.”

The duo’s creativity has certainly played to their advantage as KROBĀR now produces everything from Gin down to bitters. “We wanted to present an entire bar to our people,” Stephen said.

A Group Of People In A Room A Man Sitting At A Table A Glass Bottle On A Table

Some may think KROBĀR burst onto the spirits scene back in 2010, but Stephen and Joe put years’ worth of studying into their craft before introducing their products to market. “We’ve learned from our mistakes,” said Stephen. They spent a month studying and sampling in Kentucky, the birthplace of Bourbon, and then another two years researching before launching what we know today as KROBĀR.

Since 2010 the KROBĀR line of craft spirits and bitters has been popping up at a growing number of bars around the area. Now, you can find their spirits at most establishments around Paso, as well as local Alberton’s locations. Next time you need to stock your liquor cabinet, head over to Third Base Market & Spirits in Paso Robles where you’ll find the full lineup of KROBĀR spirits and bitters.

Get a Taste at Tetto

We’re proud to offer KROBĀR’s bourbon, as well as their Original and Pink Gins on the menu at Tetto, the first rooftop bar in Paso Robles. Partnering with local artisans—like these—who have such deep roots here in Paso Robles makes us all the more excited to open our doors this fall. “Downtown Paso needs a space like The Piccolo, and an outdoor space like Tetto,” said Stephen, “the evenings here are absolutely fabulous—so Tetto will be such a stellar spot.”

A Bottle And A Glass Of Beer On A Table A Bag Sitting On Top Of A Table A Close Up Of A Wine Glass

Used in our craft cocktails like the Tetto & Tonic and the Ginger & Gold, KROBĀR’s craft spirits will help take your Paso Robles experience to new heights.

To learn more about KROBĀR Craft Distillery and their products, click here