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A Man Standing In Front Of A Building
A Man Wearing A Hat
Wesley Stallmann
SCI Project Superintendent
A Group Of People Sitting At A Table
Jeff Martin
SCI Senior Vice President
A Man Wearing A Hat
Kirk Wheeler
SCI Project Manager
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Meet the Makers: Specialty Construction

Working from the ground up with Specialty Construction to achieve Paso Perfected

When Martin Resorts and TenOver Studio dreamed up the concept for The Piccolo, we started with the commitment to elevate the boutique hotel experience in Paso Robles with a place that reflected our vision of a Paso perfected. But we knew one thing for sure—all good things start with a strong foundation. Never settling for less than the best, the team at Specialty Construction were the right men for the job.

A Special Team

Since the company’s establishment in 1991, Specialty Construction has been serving California’s Central Coast with expertise in general, civil, and telecommunications construction. Their true specialty, however, is the people they work with and the diverse range of accomplishments that result from such partnerships.

A Man Wearing A Hat A Group Of People Sitting At A Table A Man Wearing A Hat

The partnership between Specialty Construction and The Piccolo team began three years ago when Margaret Johnson, Chief Operating Officer at Martin Resorts, reached out to Specialty Construction in September 2016 and described the concept for downtown Paso Robles’ newest luxury hotel.

When signing onto the project, “relationship was the first and most important consideration,” said Specialty Construction’s Senior Vice President, Jeff Martin. “We enjoy working with Martin Resorts and their architect, TenOver [Studio].  These teams bring out the best in our team.  The type of project piqued our interest too.  This is a unique, challenging, fun, and meaningful endeavor.”

Concepts to Construction

From conceptualization to completion, the 17,000 square-foot, 24-room hotel has had its fair share of challenges and victories, big and small, over the past three years. But perfection doesn’t come easily, and patience was key.

"Specialty Construction and TenOver have been very solution-based so no obstacle was presented without a solution. The collaboration has been incredible," said Margaret. 

Planning and design began in late fall of 2016, followed by more design, budgeting the project, and waiting for permits throughout early 2017. In December 2017, the team broke ground on the construction site at 600 12th Street.

Throughout this process, approximately eight team members from Specialty Construction contributed to The Piccolo project in different ways. Senior Vice President Jeff Martin, Project Superintendent Wesley Stallmann, and Project Manager Kirk Wheeler worked tirelessly with TenOver and Martin Resorts to turn renderings into reality. These three men ensured that every little detail was exactly how we envisioned, and it couldn’t have been done without them.

  Scaffolding around the under-construction Piccolo Sun illuminating the scaffolding around The Piccolo exterior The finished Piccolo exterior

“[What excites me most about The Piccolo is] being part of something new and unique, within an already historically rich place like the Paso [Robles] Inn.  It’s a unique niche within an already established location. You don’t have to leave it.  You can stay there and enjoy the location and not go elsewhere,” said Jeff.

Building Community 

Brick by brick, Specialty Construction has helped raise an authentic Paso Robles experience from the ground up. But of all the things our teams have built together, the fellowship and respect developed between the two are what marks The Piccolo as a true reflection of the supportive community that it resides in.  

A Group Of People Sitting At A Table A Man And A Woman Standing In Front Of A Building A Group Of People Standing In Front Of A Building

“[Martin Resorts’] style of building and maintaining team relationships between their employees, design professionals, and their Contractor team is first-rate.  Their leadership is what makes the project successful, and inspires us, and others to perform,” Jeff concluded.

Wesley added, “In all my years of doing this, no company has ever acknowledged the workers like The Piccolo has. Everyone from the floor guys to drywallers and painters love that their photos have been on social media and feel important.”

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