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Meet the Makers: TenOver Studio

Local Architects Give 110% to Paso Robles’ Newest Boutique Hotel

When the Martin Resorts team decided to transform the vacant lot behind the historic Paso Robles Inn’s ballroom three years ago, Margaret Johnson and Noreen Martin had a vision of an intimate, boutique hotel that would elevate the downtown Paso Robles experience. Of all the local architects willing to take on the exciting endeavor, one stood out above the rest—by tenfold.

TenOver Studio, an architectural firm based in San Luis Obispo, pride themselves on giving 110% to everything they do. Through projects like The Piccolo, the firm’s ultimate goal is to create spaces that allow visitors to connect with each other and their surroundings. When our hotel opens this October, you’ll see that TenOver succeeded in designing an open, inviting environment that continues the legacy of the historic Paso Robles Inn, while offering a taste of everything the Paso Robles of today has to offer.

Inspiration from the Inn

While the charming brick exterior nods playfully to its historic sister property, the Paso Robles Inn, the resemblance stops there. Inside, The Piccolo looks optimistically at the future, reflecting the vision of a Paso Perfected. “We wanted this new building to be complementary to the existing Paso Robles Inn and its history, while at the same time speak to something new,” said Architect Julia Oberhoff, who began working on the project in July 2016.  

President and CEO of TenOver Studio, Jim Duffy, added: “the building’s architecture is intended to represent an evolution of the [Paso Robles] Inn. Reminiscent of traditional downtown hotel design with clean, crisp, contemporary details and authentic materials, this composition results in a timeless, graceful blend of old and new.”

The 17,000-square-foot, four-story property offers a variety of communal spaces designed for indulging in the simple pleasures of locally inspired craft food and drink paired with great conversation. From the building's architecture to the service you will experience here, every detail of The Piccolo has been thoughtfully chosen to enhance the open, accessible, and welcoming spirit of Paso Robles that makes the town such a treasured destination. Guided by a commitment to transparency and authenticity, even the seamless flow of interior to exterior spaces in the lobby is intended to represent those very values that The Piccolo was founded upon.

“We envisioned [The Piccolo] to be a unique hideaway in the middle of downtown. Centered around the private and exclusive courtyard, [The Piccolo] is intended to be both relaxing yet energizing; secluded and intimate yet inclusive—this secret garden gem, hidden in plain sight just across the block from the City center, will serve as a luxury getaway for visitors from near and far,” said Jim.

The Perfect Blend

In line with their skills as a multidisciplinary design firm, TenOver Studio is passionate about blending the critical design components of architecture, landscape architecture, and interior design together to achieve a consistent aesthetic that provides a harmonious experience for visitors. TenOver has executed this integration so well, that it’s hard to even choose a favorite space, both from the Martin Resorts team’s perspective and for the architects themselves.

When reflecting upon her favorite room at the hotel, Julia couldn’t choose just one. “I am not sure I can say I have a single favorite space. I waver between my love of the main lobby where you step off the street and enter into a bright, high ceiling space with a pair of French doors beyond that lead you to the intimate courtyard that will only get better with time as the garden grows, and the rooftop deck where you can sit and enjoy the skyline and connect with distant views of vineyards beyond.”

Chief Operating Officer, Margaret Johnson, who has managed the project alongside TenOver from top to bottom, was thrilled with the firm’s ability to turn Martin Resort’s dream hotel into a reality.“The fact that everything we shared with the architect about the vision is actually right in front of us now is exciting. I have so many ideas but can’t seem to interpret them into any sort of drawing.  To spill it out verbally and have someone get me is incredible,” said Margaret. “TenOver [has] been very solution-based, so no obstacle was presented without a solution. The collaboration has been incredible.”

Unique and Boutique

At The Piccolo, guests will get a classic Paso experience with a modern, boutique twist. From locally crafted furniture and decor to the town’s first rooftop bar, every detail has been thoughtfully created to make sure every moment spent at the hotel hits all the right notes.

“This is not your ordinary hotel stay where the moment you walk in things look the same as they did in the city you last visited. Instead, The Piccolo welcomes you with hand crafted details and furnishings created specifically for the hotel by local artisans, creating a unique and quintessential Paso Robles experience… I love the fact that The Piccolo was envisioned as a destination for both locals as well as visitors,” said Julia, who has specialized in designs that reflect the surrounding landscape and neighborhood since graduating with her Masters in Architecture from UC Berkeley 15 years ago.

Thanks to Julia and Jim’s wealth of experience in their field, their refusal to settle for average, their willingness to push boundaries, and their willingness to be fearlessly authentic, The Piccolo provides a modern, welcoming, and open approach to Paso Robles hospitality — and we can’t wait to welcome you.